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The latest exciting technology in lighting is LED's, or Light Emitting Diodes. Premier uses this technology to creatively design stunningly beautiful lighting scenes. LEDs are available both in bulb form and as integral fixtures that allows Premier to do both aesthetic and security lighting in an almost endless variety of applications, starting from scratch or by retrofitting their clients' existing fixtures. LEDs come in many forms and sizes that allows Premier to have maximum flexibility in designing and installing lighting for residential and commercial projects alike . As a leading authority in outdoor lighting, Premier has been on the cutting edge of this exciting technology for several years, working with manufacturers and field testing and installing LED lighting to the point of perfection, thrilling clients with dramatic results while saving them significant energy consumption. Here are some of the features and benefits of LEDs:

Energy Efficient

• Immediate reduction of power consumption from much lower wattage requirements resulting in as much as 80% lower utility bills

• Easily dimmable using occupancy and daylight sensors resulting in additional energy savings

• Cooler operation since light projected from LEDs produce no heat

• Instant-on, no flicker, and no buzzing noise

Environmentally Friendly

• 25% of U.S. electricity use is for lighting, accounting for 10% of all U.S. carbon dioxide emissions

• LED Lighting is non-toxic and contains no mercury, lead, or cadnuim, and is recyclable and Eco-friendly

• Full cut-off features produce no light pollution and complies with DARK SKY initiatives

Maintenance and Safety

• Long life ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 hours

• Reduced recycling costs required to dispose of hazardous bulbs and ballast

• No change of ballast required

• No breakable glass or filaments and are highly resistant to shock and vibration

• Lower replacement and maintenance costs

Flexibility and Aesthetics

• Available in high and low voltage

•  LV LED works efficiently within a range of voltages resulting in longer run capability and uniformity

•  Various sizes and shapes allow for applications such as:

          • Niches

          • Fountains and ponds

          • Docks and decks

          • Landscape and trees

          • Walks and paths and driveways

          • Buildings and columns and gazebos

          • Pools and pergolas and patios

          • Parking and large areas

          • Retrofitting existing fixtures

          • Walls and fences

          • Signs and addresses

          • Security

          • Statues and architecture

          • Lawns and gardens

• Crisp, pure clean light that enhances visual appeal

• Color temperatures ranging from warm to neutral to cool for proper color rendition

• Varying degrees of beam spreads for sculpting of objects and areas and projection of light

• Different wattages allow for dramatic visual effects... from rose gardens to tall buildings and trees

• Works within a range of voltages resulting in maximum uniformity of light and longer runs from power source

• Various sizes and shapes of LEDs make fixtures and wire easier to hide from view.

•  LEDs operate at a much cooler temperature, less heat and much safer and more comfortable

• Eco-friendly and easily disposed of


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