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Choosing the right lighting company is the first and most important step in the process of lighting a property. Many factors concerning experience and scope of services come into play along with several other prerequisites that can greatly impact the look of what many people consider to be their most valuable asset... their home. Before you allow a company to interpret your vision of what you want your home and property to look like at night and dig in your yard and landscape, tie into your electrical circuits and attach wiring and fixtures to buildings and trees, know your gate code etc., you need to establish a comfort level with that company that can be verified with historical facts and not just a gut feeling or sense of urgency or the lowest price.

Premier Outdoor Lighting Inc. is an established full scale outdoor lighting company that specializes in almost every aspect of outdoor lighting for residential and commercial properties. Premier's award-winning "Creative Nighttime Environments" have drawn accolades from clients and professionals alike. Our "TechArt" approach to professionally planned and installed lighting have transformed both residential and commercial outdoor living and viewing spaces into enchanting experiences that enhances their investment in the critical evening hours, when the majority of entertaining and quality time takes place. The secret lies in blending the newest technologies with artistic vision and installation, and this is just one of the reasons Premier is long-considered to be one of the leading authorities in outdoor lighting. Why choose Premier? Here are some persuasive reasons:

• Established since 1995 and over 100 years collective experience among staff in outdoor lighting

• Family owned company spanning two generations - proud history and commitment to the future

• Named "Small Business of the Year" in 2001

• State-licensed electrical contractor #I-EC13003352

• Full Worker's Comp. and $1,000,000.00 Liability coverage

• Large client base for referrals and project photos

• Full-time trained and experienced technicians and staff

• Extensive experience working with groomed and meticulously maintained properties

• In-depth knowledge of landscape and architecture and construction

• Provides turnkey lighting from design to furnishing lighting equipment, lighting installation and electrical distribution as well as maintenance throughout the years

• Long in-house and manufacturers' warranties

• Can do projects from rose gardens to entire developments

• Known for understated yet dramatic lighting effects focusing on the results of the lighting while hiding the light sources from view

• Use the latest lighting green technologies such as LED and Induction

• Very competitive pricing

• Do both high and low voltage lighting and electrical

• Provide applicable permits

• Can retrofit and upgrade existing fixtures to LED

• Free Energy Usage Analysis

• Free night adjustments and "tweaks" after installation

• Free lighting quotes and repair estimates


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